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At the CollabVisLab, we develop technologies and theories to support group interaction and communication on data analytics in various contextual environments. On the one hand, we are interested in designing, developing and evaluating systems and applications that use emerging technologies, such as wearable/mobile devices and Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality, to support distributed people to collaborate on physical tasks such as remote maintenance. In the process, we take end users and human factors into consideration to ensure that the technologies not only do the job but also achieve optimal user experience.

On the other hand, we are also interested in how big data can be broken into perceivable pieces through interactive visualization for sense making and decision making. Again we take a human-centered approach by designing innovative interaction methods, deriving visualization quality metrics and developing visualization theories based on human perception and cognition capabilities and behaviors.

As a research group, our goal is to perform cutting-edge research with impact. We dedicate our research to the creation of theoretic foundation and technological solutions to real world problems in the context of remote collaboration and visual analytics. Our lab collaborates with world-class researchers from around the globe and our research is generously supported by a range of funding bodies, including businesses, governments and research agencies. 

The CollabVisLab is directed by Dr. Tony Huang, consists of talented students, skillful researchers and engineers and reputable visitors. We always welcome highly-motivated students and researchers to join or collaborate with us.

Contact: Dr. Tony Huang
Email: weidong.huang@uts.edu.au

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